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Baby Go To Sleep
CD's GUARANTEED to quiet colicky, crying babies, fussy newborns, or premature infants, soothing them to sleep - newborn to age six! They make fabulous baby shower gifts!

Baby Songs Music CD That Makes Chores Fun!
Baby Clean Fun is a tool for moms that makes boo boos, baths, feeding, & more a blast! Turns daily struggles into priceless parent child bonding moments. Just $14.95. Order your CD today to get Free Shipping

Groovy Kids Songs
Groove Kid Nation is an award winning educational children's music label whose goal is to introduce toddlers to the sound of real musical instruments. Ten percent of CD sales is donated to CARE.org to help fight poverty.

HONEY, I'm Pregnant TOO! A Pregnancy Guide For Men
Most husbands will initially be pretty excited when they find out about the pregnancy, but a lot of men will also experience some normal doubts and confusion. The purpose of this video, "Honey, I'm Pregnant, Too! - A Pregnancy Guide For Men" is to help prepare you as you go through this exciting transition from "husband" to "DAD!"

Love Me Baby Me
Luxurious, Pure, All Natural, Babies & Children's Hair & Skin Care Line

Love Me Baby Me's luxurious children's skin & hair care products are made from ALL-NATURAL ingredient. Created for a baby's skin which is very thin & tender. It includes 5 amazing products: Bubbly Wash, Smoothy Shampoo, Creamy Cream, Hair Putty Gel and our miraculous Butt Balm. Paraben-free, gluten and phthalate-free, vegan-friendly, and NO other harmful preservatives like propylene glycol, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances or petroleum-based ingredients - making it the perfect skin care line for the most sensitive skin - even for adults!

Phoenix Storks and Birthdays
Super Stork Rentals and Birthday Critter Displays - Unique signs to celebrate all of life's special occasions.

Pretty Momma Sling
Slings and Nursing Necklaces so you can master that all important cuddle time with your baby. These well-known slings come in a variety of colors and fabrics to suit all tastes, and nursing necklaces to help establish a solid nursing relationship, or to prolong your already strong relationship.

How to Help Your Crying Baby Sleep. Special music quickly calms many sleepless newborns and infants. Soothes fussy babies like no other. Easy to use, moneyback guarantee.