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Helen's Gown


This is the place for elegant christening gowns and baby bootees (booties), plus other quality baptismal products. For personalized baby gifts, your child's name will be knitted into a garment making it truly unique. We offer baby and children's sweaters, and knitted christening gowns. Please see the beautiful hand knit baby sweaters and sweater sets, and children's sweaters and sweater sets. If you are looking for a baby bunting, please view the infant bunting selection. All garments are made-to-order. For excellent quality in handmade kids clothes, unique toddler clothes, adorable baby outfits, charming children's sweaters, and cute preemie clothes, you've come to the right place.

Windsor Lace Gown

For traditional christening gowns, and baptismal gowns, you will find mostly long gowns from 30 to 40 inches or more. Some christening gowns, christening outfits, baptismal gowns, and baptism outfits have matching booties, and some have hand beading. Luxurious fabrics of satin, lace, organza, and silk are used for these christening and baptism apparel. High quality fabrics are used to make each christening gown, christening outfit, baptismal gown, and baptismal outfit an heirloom. New to Terri's Kids are "Special Design" christening gowns. "Special Design" christening gowns are christening gowns which are limited in number. No more than three of a "Special Design" christening gown will be made.

Girl's Christening Romper

Traditional christening and baptism gowns (knitted gowns not included) come in an acid-free textile box with acid-free paper which slows discoloration and aging of the gown during long term storage. Instructions for long term storage are included. (Because of postal limitations, storage boxes for christening gowns are included for sales within the U.S.A. only.)

Most christening gowns, christening outfits, baptismal outfits and baptism gowns are in stock for size 6 months. Other sizes are available through special order which takes 3 weeks for completion.

Ryan Sweater

Terri's Kids has elegant christening gowns, christening outfits, baptismal gowns, and baptismal outfits for your christening or baptismal ceremony. Each is beautifully designed to make your christening or baptismal event memorable.

Unless otherwise noted, all christening and baptismal apparel have lined bodices. Seams are encased when the skirt or pants are unlined. For one-of-a-kind creations, no other will be made exactly like it.

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